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“I’m a home school parent of a fifth grade boy and a second grade girl. The math and science books have been truly wonderful for us. Both my children are at grade level now. Thank you!”
Gerri B, home school parent.

“Yes! Yes! PuzzleWise is a great addition to my home math program. We use the science and vocabulary programs every week.”
Kris G., sixth grade mom.

“I have had the distinct privilege of using the PuzzleWise books with my two children, and experiencing the joy of homework with my first grader. The skills and vocabulary that my first grader has from completing just 17 puzzles is by far the most fluent "math-talk" I have ever heard from a student at that level. Thank you for such a powerful tool.”
Kerri K., parent of a 1st grader.

“My kids do one puzzle a week. I can see the huge improvement they’ve been making. I really like their progress.”
Dee S., home school mother of a third and fourth grader.

“These puzzles stretch your mind to new limits.”
Larissa V., 4th grade home school student.

“We will have done every puzzle by the end of the year. Fun and right on target! Thanks for your support.”
Bud and Sara H., home school parents.

"My kids absolutely love the puzzles, and almost forget they're working!”
Jacquelyn S., 3rd and 5th grade home school mom.

“The science program is very helpful. The material is strong, and I’m confident my son will do well on the state exams.”
Neena S., 5th grade home school mom.

“The vocabulary program is stupendous! Even I’ve benefitted by working the program with my daughter!”
Suzie C., home school mom of a 4th grader.

Thank you so much for such wonderful materials. I have used and loved the math PuzzleWise with great success ... and fun!
Jan C., home school parent of a fifth grader.​​


“My class loves them.  I even have 7th and 8th grade books and we work on them in groups.  Thanks!”
Erick A., 6th grade teacher.

“My students LOVE completing their puzzles and my unmotivated kids are even completing the puzzles early. Thanks for your help. I'm so excited! Keep up the great work...we need brains like yours.”
Tani L.,, 5th grade teacher.

“PuzzleWise is one of the best math resources I’ve used for 5th grade! A lot of my students are working ahead of the expected pace, and frequently use it during free time. My kids are having a lot of fun…and learning, too!”
Jim L.,, fifth grade teacher.

"I used the 4th grade book as an extra activity in preparing for our state tests. Students came in every day wanting the next one. That was fun!"
Alix C.,, 4th grade teacher.

"Puzzlewise crossword books have allowed me to assess my Title I students in a stress free environment.  I get a true measurement of the students' understanding and abilities to solve problems.”
Larry W., Title I teacher.

“My students love being detectives and beg to work in their books. I am amazed at how these books have helped when starting a new area of math.”
Suzie C. ,4th grade teacher.

“I have only high praise for this program.  The students are actually competing to see who can work the puzzles first.  I have observed this in the classrooms.”
Kathy S., principal.

“I have used the PuzzleWise lessons in my class. We think they are great! Students are very excited about them and have a great time working together. It’s a fantastic review of the vocabulary and concepts. PuzzleWise™ crosswords have been perfect!”
Wendy T., 4th grade math teacher.

“I will definitely be ordering for next year! It's my class that has convinced me (of course). They want to do their puzzle books every spare moment and lots of cooperative learning is happening. All of my students are on board with it and excited. They help each other and want to replace math homework with the puzzle books, which is also great with me! I greatly appreciate the price break, too! Thanks!”
JoAnne S., 5th grade teacher.

“Thank you!  I just finished with a group of second grade students. This group of students is identified as average to low average in terms of overall achievement.  They were engaged with the crossword; they did not have significant difficulty reading the text or comprehending the questions, and lastly, they were able to write easily in the cells. Some of the vocabulary, such as ‘product’ and ‘fraction’, needed further explanation, but that is to be expected, as they are just learning this vocabulary. In all, a very positive response from the second graders.”
Char K., elementary school learning specialist.

“Yes the students enjoy the lessons and ask for time to do them.  We've worked in pairs and I’ve introduced them as suggested.  I am blessed to have a class of many, many advanced level children.  Due to their level, as I was trying to follow the correct/suggested procedure, but my students were ready to jump in with both feet.  I relented and gave them the next puzzle - which they "gobbled" up.”
Pamela B., teacher.

“Six of my teachers went to your conference workshop and came back raving, and they’re a seasoned staff!”
Bonnie B., Principal.

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