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The Best of Puzzlewise
Make this school year spectacular!

We want our children to become inspired self-motivated lifelong learners, and with these unique Puzzlewise programs we now have the opportunity to help our children thrive, by learning through fun, meaningful activities.

The Best of PuzzleWise is a short monthly newsletter. Each newsletter has one brief educational article focusing on only one of the many strategic elements of the PuzzleWise program (spiral learning, differentiation, problem solving … ) Each newsletter also offers fun and educational tips from other home school parents and teachers now using the math, science, vocabulary, and PE/Health programs.
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Be Informed!
Whether you’re a home school parent or a classroom teacher, your PuzzleWise teaching experiences are valuable and deserve to be shared with others.

We solicit personal teaching and learning experiences from the thousands of home school parents and teachers using our programs, and then select the most interesting and helpful comments for your use, either at home or in the classroom.

Be Included!
Hearing about the success others are achieving with the Puzzlewise programs means you can have the same success with your children. Puzzlewise programs are easy to implement, easy to maintain, allow students to proceed on their own with limited adult guidance, provide excellent Teaching Moments, and are easy to assess progress. Plus, kids love them because these programs are fun to do while learning required grade level material.

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Be Connected!
Every issue of The Best of Puzzlewise has new ideas about improving your lessons and fresh ways of using the Puzzlewise programs. In our newsletter, we’ll suggest fun games, strategies, and tactics you can use with your children or students that shift drudgery into the excitement and joy of learning. Puzzlewise checkers? Puzzlewise monopoly? Why not? We’ll show you how.

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Learning Through Fun: Connecting Kids, Parents, and Educators.
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