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Puzzlewise Science Skill Levels
The PuzzleWise Fun Science Program Has Five Skill Levels:

​These five fun science lesson books correlate with Grades 3 – 7’s national and state learning standards (Grade 3 = Level 3, etc.).

​Here are examples of the crossword puzzle clues that make science fun while students become adept in the seven science standards and the seven learning skills.

​All crossword clues are based on the science reading articles that explain science concepts and critical grade level science vocabulary. Essential content and vocabulary is repeated throughout all the crossword puzzles, emphasizing spiral learning and making the PuzzleWise program amazingly effective.

Level 3:
A. One of the three states of matter; not a gas or liquid. (Answer: solid)
B. The organism at the beginning of every food chain. (Answer: producer)

Level 4:
A. The name for every form of life. (Answer: organism)
B. Parts working together for a purpose. (Answer: system)

Level 5:
A. The result of a system doing work. (Answer: output)
B. An organism that eats only plants. (Answer: herbivore)

Level 6:
A. The passing of qualities from parents to children. (Answer: heredity)
B. Gases and dust that may form a new star. (Answer: nebula)

Level 7:
A. In a pair of genes, this is the ruling gene. (Answer: dominant)
B. The type of force used to make an object do something. (Answer: applied)