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Puzzlewise Science Program Overview
Science Fun!
Parents and teachers know the best way to learn science is by having fun science lessons. Students who are having fun know the joy of learning and become lifelong learners.

The goal of PuzzleWise Science is to inspire students to want to learn using fun science lessons. Games and fun are a great way to engage children … and adults!

Fun and Effective
The PuzzleWise science program is fun, effective, and low cost. This year-long standards-based and test preparation program supports:
  • spiral learning
  • differentiation
  • on-going assessment
  • year-long test preparation and practice

Fun Science Lessons: Content and Learning Skills
The fun science lessons develop strengths in these seven National Science Education Content Standards:
  • Standard A: Science as Inquiry
  • Standard B: Physical Science
  • Standard C: Life Science
  • Standard D: Earth/Space Science
  • Standard E: Science and Technology
  • Standard F: Personal and Social Perspectives
  • Standard G: The History and Nature of Science

In addition, the fun science lessons develop these seven learning skills:
  • Scientific communication
  • Researching skills
  • Reasoning logically
  • Academic discourse
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Problem solving strategies
  • Peer communication and collaboration
PuzzleWise Science Fun Program

Benefits These fun science lessons support all seven National Science Education Content Standards, and are aligned with state standards

The National Teacher of the Year, Dr. Betsy Rogers, and several State Teachers of the Year, and recipients of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching Math and Science, and parents and teachers using this program for years endorse this science literacy and test preparation program

PuzzleWise science books use crossword puzzles and game concepts to create fun while learning science. Because students love to do puzzles and games, they don’t realize they are learning the underlying grade-level skills while doing fun science lessons at the same time

This science program is fun and has enormous benefits. It’s easy to engage students in a meaningful learning experience, and students are intrinsically motivated to spend more time on task because they are inspired with the joy of learning
These puzzle and fun science skill books are excellent for home school students and their parent-teachers, and make perfect gifts

With this yearlong science program, students have fun science lessons as home school parents save money with discount prices.

We keep our prices low because we know home school parents will tell other home school parents about our quality home school learning programs in math, science, vocabulary, and PE/Health.
More PuzzleWise Science Fun Program Benefits

  • This fun science literacy program of five workbooks, grades 3 – 7, was authored by a team of Washington State science teaching experts who also served on the state’s leading curriculum development committee, the Science Assessment Leadership Team in the state Department of Education. This group of expert teachers rewrote the state’s science curriculum and the state’s science assessments, and based it all on the national standards

  • ​​This fun science book series has resource pages to make this program complete and 'stand alone' as excellent home-work materials that can be supported at home by parents.
  • ​ These books are exceptional for home school parents, substitute teachers, tutorials, after-school programs, and summer skill retention and development.

We believe this supplemental science program will help raise your child’s or students’ science state test scores significantly over time:

“Our science score is actually in the top five percent of all schools at all levels in the state. The results were immediate; we realized a 22% increase in our state test scores within the first two years of adopting PuzzleWise Science.”
Dan Schlotfeldt, Principal, Fall City Elementary School

We realize that doing well on the state science tests is not the only reason to use our program… The real goal is to inspire the joy of learning, and make learning science fun and interesting. The PuzzleWise science program does both: learning about science is fun, AND the test scores go up!
Level 7 Science - $5.95
With this concluding book, students have a strong background in science concepts and a powerful vocabulary base.
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Level 6 Science - $5.95
Confidence with science content deepens while science vocabulary increases.
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Level 5 Science - $5.95
This is the typical state assessment year around the country, and PuzzleWise students excel while having fun.
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Level 4 Science - $5.95
The science articles and vocabulary become more mature, and students develop a stronger foundation in science.
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Level 3 Science - $5.95
This book is a fun introduction to learning science with readable articles on key topics, and crosswords that focus on content and vocabulary.
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Book Samples and Teacher Parent Information

EveryFun Science Lesson Book Has:
  • ​128 pages
  • 18 biweekly three-pagefun science lessons. Each fun science lesson contains:
  • A carefully wordedarticle of appropriate readability on a science topic suited for thegrade. This engaging article builds science content knowledge andscience vocabulary confidence
  • A fun science crosswordpuzzle that develops and reinforces grade level skills and content inLife Science, Earth/Space Science, Physical Systems, Unifying Conceptsand Processes, and critical grade level science vocabulary. Studentslearn and practice the required grade level skills underlying eachcrossword clue
  • A science applicationpage containing multiple choice and extended response open-endedquestions that simulate standardized test-like questions, providingstudents with regular test practice rehearsals all year long​
  • 9 two-page monthlyassessments that help you identify skill area success
  • 4 Teaching Activitiesthat practice the scientific process of investigation, summaries andconclusions, the scientific design process, and comparing data. Inaddition, there are four articles that practice readingliteracy in the science content area
  • 7 bonus fun sciencecrossword puzzles that reinforce the content and vocabulary of the 18lessons and 8 teaching activities
  • Another 29 pages thatcontain a parent and teacher guide, insights on how to use the programeffectively at home or in class, a glossary and resource pages studentscan use to develop independence when answering the crossword puzzleclues, and the answer keys.
  • TheParent/Teacher’s Guide makes this program easy to implement.Soon, students are doing the work semi-independently … and then … they become independent learners​