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Puzzlewise PE/HEALTH Skill Levels
The PuzzleWise Fun PE/Health Program Has Only One Skill Level:

​This single book is based on the Grade 5 PE and health standards. There are plans to eventually expand this series.

Here are four examples of the crossword puzzle clues that make this PE and health literacy program fun while students become adept in the eight national health education standards, the six national physical education standards, and the six learning skills.

All crossword clues are based on the reading articles that explain PE and health concepts and critical grade level vocabulary. Essential content and vocabulary is repeated throughout all the crossword puzzles, emphasizing spiral learning and making this PuzzleWise program amazingly effective.
Level 5:

1. Having a powerful desire that is hard to resist. (Answer: addiction)

2. Without oxygen. (Answer: anaerobic)

3. A disease caused by too much sugar in the bloodstream. (Answer: diabetes)

4. Good health resulting from exercise. (Answer: fitness)