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Puzzlewise PE/HEALTH Overview
PE and Health Fun!
Parents and teachers know the best way to lea­rn PE and health is by having fun PE and health lessons. Students who are having fun know the joy of learning and become lifelong learners.

The goal of PuzzleWise PE/Health is to inspire students to want to learn using fun PE and health lessons. Games and fun are a great way to engage children … and adults!

Fun and Effective 
The PuzzleWise PE and health program is fun, effective, and low cost. This year-long standards-based and test preparation program supports:
  • spiral learning
  • differentiation
  • on-going assessment
  • year-long test preparation and practice

Fun PE and Health Lessons: Content and Learning Skills
The fun health lessons develop strengths in all eight National Health Education Standards (NHES):
  • Promote health and disease prevention
  • Analyze the influence of others in promoting healthy behavior
  • Access valid information to enhance health
  • Communicate inter-personally to enhance health and avoid risks
  • Employ decision-making skills to enhance health
  • Use goal-setting skills to enhance health
  • Practice healthy behaviors
  • Advocate for healthy behavior

The fun PE lessons develop physical education strengths in all six National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) standards:
  • Develop motor skill competency
  • Develop movement concept competency
  • Participate regularly in physical activity
  • Achieve health enhancing physical fitness
  • Exhibit respectable personal and social behavior
  • Value physical activity
  • In addition, the fun PE and health lessons develop these six learning skills:
  • Researching skills
  • Reasoning logically
  • Academic discourse
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Problem solving strategies
  • Peer communication collaboration
Every Fun PE/Health Lesson Book Has:
  • ​​128 pages

  • 18 biweekly three-page fun PE and health lessons: 
  • A carefully worded article of appropriate readability on a PE and health topic. This engaging article builds PE and health content knowledge and P.E. and health vocabulary confidence
  • A fun PE and health crossword puzzle that develops and reinforces grade level skills in the eight NHES health skill areas and the six NASPE physical education skill areas, and:
  • A fun PE and health application page containing multiple choice and open-ended questions that simulate standardized test-like questions, providing students with weekly test practice rehearsals all year long. This page also contains the Healthy Habits Weekly Challenge which encourages children to develop four healthy habits
  • 5 two-page assessments that help you identify skill area success

  • ​5 Teaching Activities that focus on a key element of physical and health education: the cardiorespiratory system; understanding food labels; anti-tobacco training; community resource awareness; and avoiding substance abuse

  • 5 Pre and Post Fitness Assessments to measure physical progress throughout the year

  • 6 Skills Challenges to teach students the correct form for skill development and practice

  • Another 31 pages contain a parent and teacher guide, insights on how to use the program effectively at home or in class, a glossary and resource pages students can use to develop independence when answering the crossword puzzle clues, and the answer keys

  • ​The Parent/Teacher’s Guide makes this program easy to implement. Soon, students are doing the work semi-independently … and then … they become independent learners
These fun PE and health lessons:
  • Support all eight National Health Education Standards (NHES) and all six National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) standards

  • Endorsed and used by Teachers of the Year, and health and physical education teachers using this program

  • PuzzleWise PE and health books use crossword puzzles and game concepts to create fun while learning physical education and health. Because students love to do puzzles and games, they don’t realize they are learning the underlying grade-level skills while doing fun PE and health lessons at the same time

  • These puzzle and fun PE and health skill books are excellent for home school students and their parent-teachers, and make perfect gifts

  • With this yearlong PE and health program, students have fun PE and health lessons as home school parents save money with discount prices.
  • We keep our prices low because we know home school parents will tell other home school parents about our quality home school learning programs in math, science, vocabulary, and PE/Health
More PuzzleWise PE/Health Fun Benefits
  • Dan Persse, the recipient of the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (AAHPERD) Northwest District Teacher of the Year Award, and a finalist for the national title, is the author of this PE and health program. Dan also served on the Washington State Grade Level Expectations Committee and the Superintendent of Public Instruction’s Health and Fitness Endorsement Committee

  • This fun PE and health book has resource pages to make this program complete and 'stand alone' as excellent home-work materials that can be supported at home by parents. 

  • These books are exceptional for home school parents, substitute teachers, tutorials, after-school programs, and summer skill retention and development.
Level 5 Health - $5.95
An excellent program that combines physical education and health literacy with an activity program supporting fitness and health decisions.

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