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Home School Parents

The PuzzleWise programs work especially well for home school children because the workbooks can be used as either independent practice, guided learning with parental participation, or both.

I’ll admit I have an eclectic history as an educator. I was a public school classroom teacher for 10 years, then a principal and public school superintendent for 16 years. I also earned a doctorate in education. And then I became a father… and my experience with being a Dad had a profound impact on my understanding of teaching and education.

During my son’s preschool years I realized Zander seemed suited for Montessori, so I learned a lot about Montessori education… Z has been in a Montessori school the past six years. This was also the time when PuzzleWise was created and perfected, and I’ve worked with Zander in all the PuzzleWise programs.

So, not only do I have the experience of developing these materials as the editor, publisher, and co-author, and seeing their application and success in the public schools that have been our loyal customers over the years, but I have also used these books with Zander and seen first-hand how attractive they are to children, and how powerful these learning materials are. They are even more powerful when used in accordance with the Guide for teachers and parents in the front of every book.

I believe the key to great learning is providing worthwhile age-appropriate material, and making it fun to engage. We live in a world where we can be inspired by love, and within the light of love is the element of play. I know when I learned best it was because I wanted to, because I found excitement and joy in learning.

This is our goal. We wish to inspire the joy of learning in every child, and from this joy will blossom self-motivated independent lifelong learners.

The promise I make is sincere. Please contact me about anything. One of my great joys is serving fellow parents and teachers, and knowing our work is serving children.

Best wishes, Daniel.

Dr. Daniel Levine
Bellingham, WA
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